A Rapid Vehicle-Screening Approach for Formulating a Low-Solubility Compound into Liquid-Filled Capsules, from Tablets and Capsules

By Amol Kheur, Anil Kane, Mohammad, Aleem, and Maureen McLaughlin, Kiran Kumar Tumbalam and Shivaprakash Poojary

For a drug product to exert its therapeutic effect, it must be soluble in an aqueous environment. This ensures that the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) will provide sufficient concentration to induce gastrointestinal (GI) tract absorption.

Hence, molecules with promising pharmaco dynamics yet poor solubility may be rejected during the drug discovery stage. This article summarizes how an excipient-mixture approach can enhance the solubility, the in vitro dissolution, and the bioavailability profile of a low-solubility compound.

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This article originally appeared in Tablets & Capsules.

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