Automate the Transfer of Tablets with Vacuum Conveying Technology

Vacuum conveying technology has been used to a great advantage within the pharmaceutical industry, but there are still parts of the manufacturing process, which are handled manually. One of such instances is transfer of tablets. Tablets need to be moved around the manufacturing plant, transferring them from one processing unit to another, for instance from a coating drum to a packaging line. In many pharmaceutical processing plants such transfers are still performed manually by operators. This time-consuming and sometimes back-breaking manual labour is the result of a wide-spread fear that very delicate and valuable tablets will be chipped or damaged in an automated conveying system. For obvious reasons, any damage to a tablet renders it useless, and pharmaceutical companies usually accept very little waste within the process. With the development of technology, vacuum conveyors have advanced to be able to replace manual labour in handling delicate objects. Elaborated in this white paper are the key aspects to consider when choosing vacuum conveyor for the transfer of tablets.

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