Recognises environmental impact and sustainable development in the pharmaceutical industry through innovative and sustainable use of resources and prioritises the needs of the wider environment and society. This can be a reduced carbon footprint, or energy saving products and methods. This can also include the adoption of a scheme that has made a difference to the attitudes and behaviour of staff and resulted in a benefit to the environment, or a new partnership that demonstrates tangible evidence of environmental benefit. This can be on a single project, across a series of projects, or through a change process within an organisation.

Judged on: Please provide a brief description (up 500 words in total) identifying:

  • Energy Management: Describe the steps your organisation has taken to improve energy efficiency, increase use of renewables and/or reduce emissions (direct and indirect) and any downward trends in annual figures?
  • Waste: Describe, if any, the steps taken to reduce waste (including water) within your organisation. Have you demonstrated a reduction of waste landfill materials and the recycling of materials and resources such as water? Have you applied process intensification and improved yield?
  • Packaging: Describe the steps taken to reduce product and package waste in the product design.
  • Chemical Waste: Have applied the principles of green chemistry? Has there been a reduction in solvent usage (tonnes), VOC emissions (tonnes) or a downward trend in annual figures
  • Sustainable materials: Describe, if any, the efforts your organisation has taken to source local and sustainable products and services within the last 12 months.
  • Accreditation: systems accredited to meet environmental standards?
  • Training: Describe any training or employee initiatives related to environmental or social sustainability offered through your organisation within the past 12 months