• Delivering a Safe H1N1 Vaccine

    Getting an H1N1 vaccine out the door fast is a priority for governments and pharmaceutical firms around the world. Making sure it is safe and that healthcare organisations have enough...

  • What Pharma Tanks Have in Store

    As the antibody sector becomes ever popular the need to increase capacity is growing. Dr Gareth Evans reports on how this is changing the dynamics in the field of pharmaceutical...

  • Controlling Clinical Contracting

    As a small firm betting high on one therapy, Solace Pharmaceuticals knows the importance of getting outsourcing right. Natalie Coomber talks to the company's executive director Kevin Pojasek about setting...

  • The Perfect Packaging Label

    Pharmaceutical companies have long focused on ploughing research into clinical trials. But with new readability guidelines just out, research is moving towards making sure the pharmaceutical package is perfect too....

  • Data Capture Changes the Face of Pharma

    From electronic data capture to taking a more psychological view, data collection in drug manufacturing is changing. Phil Taylor speaks to experts in the field about where some of the...

  • The Elusive Alzheimer’s Cure

    As people live longer, cases of Alzheimer's disease are getting more frequent. Mike Pearn investigates which pharmaceutical firms are willing to do battle with the high clinical trial costs.

  • A New Pharmaceutical World Order

    Global healthcare analysts IMS Healthcare recently forecast a new pharmaceutical market world order for 2013. This highlights the rapid rise of emerging countries, as Alex Hawkes investigates.

  • No More Tears: Testing for Dry Eye Made Easy

    Nanotechnology is being incorporated into a new design to help dry eye sufferers around the world. Natalie Coomber investigates this new approach and how it is bringing product success.


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