AbbVie has reported full-year 2022 net revenues of $58.054bn, representing a 3.3% rise on a reported basis and 5.1% on an operational basis.

The company reported an increase of 1.6% on a reported basis in global net revenues to $15.121bn for the fourth quarter (Q4) of 2022.

For the full-year, worldwide net revenues from the Immunology portfolio stood at $28.924bn, increasing 14.4% on a reported basis.

Global net revenues of Humira for the full year stood at $21.237bn.

AbbVie also reported global Skyrizi and Rinvoq net revenues of $5.165bn and $2.522bn, respectively.

AbbVie chairman and CEO Richard Gonzalez said: “2022 was another highly productive year capping a decade of outstanding performance. Since our inception, we have built a diverse portfolio of growth products with significant leadership positions, developed a robust pipeline of innovative assets and created a culture of strong execution.

“Looking forward, we have a solid foundation which will allow us to absorb the US Humira loss of exclusivity, return to strong top-line growth in 2025 and drive top-tier financial performance over the long term.”

The company’s full-year worldwide net revenues from the Hematologic Oncology portfolio stood at $6.577bn, a 9% decline on a reported basis.

Imbruvica and Venclexta net revenues worldwide were $4.568bn and $2.009bn, respectively.

The Neuroscience portfolio reported full-year global net revenues of $6.528bn, which represented a 10.1% rise on a reported basis.

Additionally, AbbVie reported fourth-quarter diluted EPS of $1.38 on a GAAP Basis, a 38.9% decline.

Last month, AbbVie signed a global partnership and option agreement with Immunome to discover new antibody-target pairs to treat cancer.