The Australian-based Government of Victoria has announced a $10m grant to aid cancer researchers of Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre to advance the fight against cancer.

Minister for health Jill Hennessy has announced a Victorian Cancer Agency grant to support cancer research and discoveries across the Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre (VCCC) alliance.

The alliance connects the work of ten Melbourne-based institutions.

All these institutions work together to enhance the control and cure of cancer.

"We’re helping more Victorians touched by cancer get the world-class care and treatment they need sooner."

The new grant will tap expertise across the VCCC alliance, and worldwide in new research projects. The projects are focused on converting the cancer research findings into clinical practice and new treatments.

The new projects will study cancer biomarkers, diagnosis, early detection methods and new therapeutics with the help of latest medical technologies.

They will also develop customised cancer therapies and offer education and training for better cancer care in metropolitan Melbourne and regional centres.

The funding will also facilitate the historic memorandum of understanding between the US’s National Cancer Institute and Victoria to work together on ground-breaking research.

The VCCC alliance also received $5.8m in the Victorian Budget 2016 / 2017 to deliver expanded cancer research and clinical trial capacity.

The Government’s Victorian Cancer Plan 2016-2020 focuses on saving 10,000 lives from cancer over the next ten years.

Hennessy said: “We’re helping more Victorians touched by cancer get the world-class care and treatment they need sooner. We were elected to put Victorians first and that’s exactly what this investment will do.

“Through the Labour-built and Labour-funded Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre we’re bringing the best and brightest medical minds together to fight cancer and change and save the lives of so many Victorians.”