Located in France on the same 9ha campus as its sister company Adhex Technologies, AdhexPharma’s pharmaceutical site is dedicated to the manufacture of patches, impregnated matrices and oral films under current good manufacturing practice (cGMP conditions.

For bulk preparation and depending on the drug substance characteristics, AdhexPharma masters both drug-in-solutions and drug-in-suspension technologies. Its batch sizes ranging from 5kg to 300kg depending on the market volumes.

Coating remains the core technology of these dosage forms and our lines are equipped with knife-over-roll, roll-to-roll and slot die technologies. Its four industrial coating lines offer variable coating widths between 100mm and 420mm in order to match your volume requirements.

With the rising interest of process analytical technology (PAT), AdhexPharma’s coating lines are equipped with continuous and real-time monitoring systems, allowing a 100% control of the material produced.

The packaging of transdermal patches and oral thin films requires a combination of both specific and flexible packaging lines to allow diverse formats manipulation, going from small to big sizes units and allowing various patterns. On this matter, AdhexPharma can also count on its sister company Adhex Technologies engineering capabilities and expertise for complex machine design to keep tight project timelines and optimize machinery tooling cost.

AdhexPharma‘s main focus is to ensure that customer’s needs are met using high service standards for existing and new products:

  • We put a constant priority on having strict compliance with worldwide standards in manufacturing, quality, safety and environment.
  • We manage all the supply activities, including purchasing and contractor supply chain leadership.
  • We deliver products offering the best quality, cost and service.