The Axis-D pen system is a device, which uses 3ml cartridges for variable dose injection.

This high-quality plastic system is compact and elegantly designed. There is a large range of aesthetic choices, each attractive and colourful.


  • Medicine dosing can be adjusted between 0.01ml and 0.80ml and the increments are also customisable
  • Dose correction also reduces injection error
  • The device can handle multiple manual injections
  • The dose reader is accurate and easy-to-read with a sliding window
  • There are no outer rotating sections, which can cause interference with the injection process

Applications of the Axis-D pen include:

  • The Merck Serono Fertility Pen 1.0/1.1 is one of Merck’s products for fertility treatment. Merck is a leading company in this area and offers a complete portfolio of drugs for every stage of the reproductive cycle. The pens are safe, clinically tested, and regulatory approved. It is one of Merck’s Family of Pens™, which are designed for personal use and are one of the first pre-filled, ready-to-use fertility treatments.