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Bin Blender

Bins provide a unique opportunity to optimize process flow for many operations. The key advantages of using bin blending technologies are modularity, quality, and increased output. The Rheo design can act as a material handling system; an integrated slewing column can rotate the Bin for a vertical powder transfer to the next process step or allow for in-line milling.

As material handling is minimized so is the opportunity for segregation. Rheo can provide a fully integrated bin handling system; including filling, weighing, blending, milling, and handling for your materials.

The Rheo Advantage

We believe engineering the right material handling system is critical to ensuring process flow. Our expertise in equipment design allows us to offer a unique perspective when developing complex material handling processes. Bin handling systems can often improve containment, product purity, and enhance productivity. Our team collaborates with all the key stakeholders on your project to discuss the key design considerations and develop a comprehensive material handling system that fits for your process.

Bin Blender

The Rheo Bin Blender allows for the mating of multiple bin sizes. The quick docking and undocking of Bins allow the Bin Blender to run at much higher OEE rates (a measure of blender uptime) than traditional fixed blenders. The Rheo Bin Blender has several benefits when implemented in the manufacturing process:

  • Automated Blending Recipes
  • Efficient Blending
  • Powered Bin Clamping
  • Easy to Clean
  • Simple Controls
  • Customizable for any Bin Type


The standard Rheo Bin is designed for simple sizing for any volumes ranging from 600L to 2000L. We can also create customized Bins to fit your application needs.

Bins offer many material handling benefits including:

  • Contained Product Quality
  • Fast Blending Times
  • Optimized Process Flow
  • Closed Powder Transfer
  • Flexible Process Layout

Many accessories are available for Rheo Bins; including a sight glass, breather filter, vibrator mount, level sensor mount, spray ball, bin trolley, forklift pockets, split butterfly valve, and SoliValve® Technology.

Product Testing 

Bulk powder handling can be a challenging process and there are many factors that lead to the optimal solution. We can handle the risk for you! The Rheo Testing Center provides a controlled environment where products can be tested to verify performance. Send your materials to our testing lab in Peoria, IL for testing with our demo Bin Blender and Bin. You can come on-site to observe the testing or we can send video and/or a detailed report after the tests are complete.

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