An improvement and replacement for your old settle plates, the BioCapt® Microbial Impactor essentially eliminates false positives for microbial activity in your cleanroom by removing contamination that occurs during the handling of agar settle plates. This huge decrease in contamination from your sampler means a decrease in investigations while increasing productivity for you.

In addition, many costly and time-consuming sterilisation steps such as autoclaving, disinfecting, handling and logistics are eliminated. This innovative approach to viable microbial air sampling and monitoring builds on the collection efficiencies of the BioCapt stainless steel viable impactor, while also virtually eliminating false positives through specialised packaging and single-use application.

The BioCapt Microbial Impactor (single-use) achieves sampling with minimal air disruption and can be used to sample efficiently at 25l or 50l per minute to suit both routine monitoring and fast sampling needs. This new device has a proven recovery of microorganisms under stressed conditions after two hours of continuous air sampling (25l per minute flow rate) reducing the number of plate changes required for continuous air sampling.

Key features include:

  • Complies with International Standardisation Organisation (ISO) 14698-1 requirements
  • Culture media validated to be stored either at room temperature or under refrigeration, with a shelf life of up to nine months for viable monitoring
  • Offered in standard culture media of trypticase soy agar (TSA) and sabouraud dextros agar (SDA), as well as client-specific, pre-validated microbiological culture media
  • Compatible with leading active air monitoring systems
  • Replaces settle plates in cleanrooms

Key benefits include:

  • Helps eliminate false positives by reducing the risk of contamination by improper handling of media plates
  • Eliminates time-consuming and operator-dependent cleaning and process steps associated with traditional stainless steel microbiological samplers, including disinfection, sanitisation, sterilisation and autoclaving procedures
  • Simplified standard operating procedures (SOP) eliminate possible injuries and handling concerns with stainless-steel impactors
  • Reduces risk during the introduction and withdrawal of microbiological sampling plates in sterile production areas

Key applications include:

  • Viable microbial air sampling in cleanrooms and associated controlled environments
  • United States Pharmacopoeia (USP) 797 environmental viable airborne particle testing
  • Bioburden monitoring of medical device manufacturing environments
  • Microbial monitoring of aseptic manufacturing areas
  • Microbiological monitoring of surgical suites or operating rooms