Business Intelligence tool

BLUE Business Intelligence optimizes the label and artwork management process, allowing you to understand any strengths and weaknesses. BLUE helps you harness the extensive data in your workflows and generates insightful reports.

BLUE Business Intelligence features:

  • Web-based access to reports / dashboards
  • Rich and interactive user interface
  • Highly configurable data views and dashboards
  • Secure environment
  • Multiple output formats (HTML, Excel, CSV, PDF, RTF)
  • Use for simple data extractions or sophisticated analysis
  • Utilize BLUE Data Warehouse for increased performance
  • Pre-build reports / dashboards for re-use
  • Drill-down capability
  • Point and click access to data
  • In-memory caching for fast results
  • Rich library of interactive visualizations to find patterns and anomalies, including geo-mapping, heat grids, and scatter/bubble charts

BLUE Business Intelligence benefits:

  • Access key performance metrics
  • Enable timely, insightful business decisions
  • Continually improve production performance
  • Report, visualize, and analyze data easily to identify trends and exceptions