Workflow management for the artwork and label process

The BLUE Workflow Management service supports creative, brand, and regulatory stakeholders to manage the label and artwork process.

Packaging requires significant approvals across large organizations despite clear time restraints on production.

BLUE Workflow Management features:

  • Handling of complex workflows
  • Forecast and actual date tracking
  • Resource assignments
  • Task milestones and dependencies
  • Approval co-ordination
  • Configurable business forms
  • Email notifications
  • ‘Out of office’ features
  • Flexible metadata
  • Full audit trail

BLUE Workflow Management benefits:

  • Achieve up to 75% reduction in management time
  • Clearly define roles and responsibilities
  • Gain full visibility into work-in-progress
  • Measure timelines / rework cycles
  • Improve ownership / accountability
  • Attain process consistency
  • Reduce overall time-to-market