Our CleanZone flooring is antimicrobial, washable, and suitable for pedestrian flows and light-wheeled traffic. Scientifically tested, it is proven to prevent up to 99.9% of foot and wheel-borne contamination, and up to 75% of airborne contamination from entering critical environments.

CleanZone flooring is available in an assortment of colors and can be installed in any custom size. This combined with several edging options, allows CleanZone to fit the specific needs of your facility. CleanZone is perfect for any industry, including cleanrooms, hospitals, and pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Where to use CleanZone:

  • Pedestrian entrances and exits to critical areas to prevent the transfer of contamination
  • Inside airlocks, gowning rooms, and air showers to control and retain harmful particulate
  • In hallways to prevent cross-contamination between controlled spaces
  • Inside the controlled area adjacent to critical products and processes

Key features:

  • Can be installed as a standard mat, or fully customized for areas with a complex shape
  • Ideal for inlaid or wall-to-wall flooring installations
  • Available in several colors for color coding critical areas and providing a clear separation between “clean” and “dirty” areas
  • Product life expectancy is 3-5 years
  • Protected by a full 12-month warranty from the date of installation

Key benefits:

  • Reduced floor (up to 99.9%) and air particulate (up to 75%) counts in controlled or critical areas
  • A long-lasting, cost-effective solution compared with peel-off mats and other alternatives
  • Reduced microbial counts due to Biomaster, a high-performance antimicrobial additive in all Dycem products
  • Easy to clean and maintain