The RealPresence CloudAXIS Suite is a video collaboration and conferencing software solution that enables businesses to collaborate with other companies easily and securely.

Manufacturing companies know a personal touch such as a helpful voice and a friendly face can improve customer satisfaction.

This is why many manufacturers use Polycom HD video collaboration solutions to refine service and maintenance activities.

Companies find collaboration improves manufacturing-related tasks from product inspections to acceptance reviews. Face-to-face collaboration also helps manufacturers ensure customers are satisfied with their purchases.

Polycom’s video conferencing and content collaboration solutions make it easy for manufacturers and customers to routinely meet face-to-face throughout the development cycle, which minimizes misunderstandings.

Manufacturing companies rely on Polycom video collaboration solutions to:

  • Drive higher-value, differentiated solutions for customers, leading to higher margins
  • Provide customers with a personalized experience, creating a competitive advantage
  • Speed decision cycles and innovation
  • Shorten customer acceptance cycles