The Crēdo Cube™ Dry Ice is a passive shipping solution designed to contain deep frozen medical goods at temperatures of -60°C or lower for more than five days at a time. VIP Insulation reduces the need to re-ice products while they are in transit and offers a longer duration than traditional EPS Dry Ice shippers. Crēdo Cube™ Dry Ice is reusable, which maximises return on investment and can help your company meet its sustainability goals.

Why choose Crēdo Cube™ Dry Ice?

  • Reusable, durable and long lasting construction
  • Performance in excess of 140 hours
  • Features VIP (Vacuum Insulation Panels) for longer durations
  • 4 sizes available: 4L, 12L, 28L, 56L
  • For payloads: 1.8L, 5L, 17L, 27L
  • Qualified to ISTA7D Profiles

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