Fresh blood plasma must be frozen to maintain the integrity of its components as if left at suboptimal temperatures these molecules would quickly denature and render the sample less effective for therapeutic use. To ensure improved throughput and superior sample quality, fresh plasma needs to be completely frozen as fast as possible. Moreover, the faster the freezing process, the more proteins can be stabilised.

To achieve this high throughput of important proteins, B Medical Systems developed the CSF61, a contact shock freezer. This product is designed to fast-freeze blood plasma ahead of its long-term storage in freezers. With the CSF61, blood banks and blood transfusion centres can increase their yield, improve throughput from one load to the next, and achieve the most efficient freezing times, thus ensuring the best quality of fresh frozen plasma.

Freezing times for 30 standard 350ml bags from ambient temperature to -30°C are generally between 23 and 26 minutes, ensuring that the highest possible quantity of proteins and other components are safely preserved and ready to be stored in plasma freezers.