Established as one of the world’s largest needle manufacturers, Nipro has the resources to manufacture and supply large volumes on demand, ensuring continuous supply. Nipro’s focus on quality is highly acknowledged within the industry.


  • Easy integration into automated packaging processes due to hard case packaging
  • Easy and fast administration of viscous fluids thanks to ultra-thin needle walls
  • Smooth puncture and placement by virtue of optimized siliconization and bevel design
  • Ergonomic design of the shield and cap provides a firm grip during opening


  • 21G | 22G | 23G | 25G | 27G
  • 5⁄8″ | 1″ | 1 ¼” | 1 ½”
  • Regular wall | Thin wall | Ultra-thin wall
  • V-bevel

Quality System

ISO 13485