Security for complex systems in the pharmaceutical industry is becoming increasingly important, whether it relates to Identity Management, Authorization Concepts, GDPR or Audit control. In the Pharma industry, everything must be in control and comply with current legislation and regulations. An integrated, holistic approach must be taken to make a system landscape end-to-end secure and to maximize cyber security throughout the organization.

Considering the risk of both external threats and (internal) fraud, ATS continuously improves your security. Utilizing years of experience, we look at security from a human perspective, allowing a balance between proper security and workability.

What We Provide to Pharma Companies

  • Projects
    Standardised project methodologies lead to efficient, repeatable implementations locally or globally.
  • Consultancy
    Our real-world experience in the Pharma industry gives you the independent insights needed to keep your systems secure.
  • Managed Services
    Put your feet up and let us handle every aspect of your Cyber Security requirements with an end-to-end managed service.
  • Training
    With our custom security awareness training, everyone gets the right insight into the dangers surrounding their specific work.

Answers for Identity and Access Management

We’ll reduce your costs by centralizing user management in your systems and simplifying role responsibility and privileges for your users. We’ll also lower your risk through compliance checks and implement workflow permissions based on various dependencies.

Answers for Cyber Security

Our state-of-the-art cyber security solutions provide protection against external and internal threats. We give insights into all data flows in your system landscape through interface scanning. We also check all the customization in your ERP system for malicious code with advanced code scanning and immediately indicate what needs to be done to solve found problems. Transport scanning is used to check updates and custom adjustments between systems for malicious code or data.

Answers for Authorisations

Authorisation concepts must match your business processes: are they up-to-date and not contaminated by hundreds of adjustments? We’ll ensure you get in control of authorizations and, with our unique user-centric approach, we not only save a lot of time and money in implementation and operations/maintenance, but we also improve the user experience.

Our pre-audit assessment service will ensure your System Authorizations are audit-proof, so less time is lost during the audit with fewer comments from the auditor.

Answers for Governance, Risk and Compliance

We’ll keep you in control of users and authorizations providing centralised access control to the entire system landscape with automatic logging. You’ll always be audit compliant as we’ll select the tools you need with complete support for implementation and management. We can also help you implement fully automated and controlled high risk user IDs (Firefighting / Emergency Access).

Take the Stress out of Cyber Security

Get in touch if you’d like an easier life and let us implement your pharma cyber security solutions and carry out training so that you can concentrate on producing pharma products the way you want.