Customizable Production Scale Processing Plants

The DIOSNA fluid bed processors CAP 150 – 1250 are designed for the production Comparable parameters of our DIOSNA systems, offer a safe and easy scale-up. The DIOSNA CAP series covers drying, granulation, pellet and powder coating via top, tangential or bottom spray. Batch sizes: 30-530 kg /200-1200 l.

With its ‘through-the-wall’ assembly the system allows the strict separation of the production and technical area.

The DIOSNA CAP series can be either used as a single machines, or can be combined with, or be integrated in a granulation systems, e.g. our DIOSNA Compact Granulation System CGS providing also a mixer-granulator, containers for granulation fluid, cleaning stations, calibration mills, lifting columns and vacuum conveyor systems.

In addition to technical safety considerations, high yield, quick processes and a reproducible quality of the final products are enabled by optimal air flow, efficient feeding and discharging concepts combined with the great technical experience of DIOSNA.

Containment solutions are available.