• Excellent mixing results – even with complex mixtures
  • Universal mixing and granulating
  • Flavors & Spices | Instant powder | batter | Vitamins & Proteins

The DIOSNA universal mixer series offers the greatest possible flexibility in the range of applications: moist granules, powders, spices and masses. DIOSNA’s universal mixers are used in the most diverse areas of industry, such as food, cosmetics, chemistry, pharmaceuticals and paints.

The portfolio includes laboratory systems from 11.5 liters to production systems of 1,400 liters with a filling level of 30 – 90%.

The universal mixers from DIOSNA impress with easy use, compact design and easy cleaning. The universal mixers produce excellent mixing results even with difficult mixtures. The core of the universal mixer are two mixing tools that guarantee an ideal mixture thanks to a three-blade rotor on the bottom and a chopper attached to the side.

The DIOSNA ProcessLab offers the possibility of first trials to test the universal mixer and the DIOSNA experts support you in developing your recipes.

DIOSNA Universal Mixer