Discharge Collection (with Flame-Proof Execution) - Pharmaceutical Technology
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Discharge Collection (with Flame-Proof Execution)

Fabtech makes prefilters which conform to EU 4 Grade, with efficiency of 90% down to 10µ. These Filters are basically made from micro-Fibre-glass media and are inherently washable

  • Flame-Proof Motor Blower (4050 CFM) provided are statically and dynamically balanced. Blower is high performance, noise abated, light weighted statically and dynamically balanced
  • SS 316 L Double Walled Side Panels
  • Dwyer Make Magnehelic Differential Pressure Gauge drop across intermediate filter (10mm: 1No.) To monitor pressure drop across PRE Filter with respect to ambient
  • Electrical control panel mounted on the top panel of the unit
  • Flame-Proof Light Fitting
  • Flame-Proof ON/OFF switches (02 NOS) for motor & lights
  • Flame-Proof three-phase switch socket for external equipment
  • SS DD 1500 * 2100 – (01 no)