The HECHT Containment Drum Discharger CFE-K with tipper device is used for low-contamination discharging of drums with inner liner up to OEB5. By means of the tipper, the drum can be easily mounted to the station.

The products supplied in drums are additionally packed in foils, also referred to as liners, to ensure operator and product protection. The product has to be packed in at least one liner unit.

Key features include:

  • Safe discharging of drums up to OEB 5, OEL < 1µ/m³
  • Observation of the product flow
  • Product handling by means of gloves for easy handling
  • Simple and contamination-free exchange of the gloves
  • Contamination-free connection due to double O-Ring technology
  • Exact positioning and docking of the drum with guide rails
  • Discharging of different drum diameters
  • Various connection ports
  • Further transportation via downpipe or downstream conveying (pneumatic)
  • WIP integration possible
  • Nitrogen purging
  • Hygienic or ATEX design
  • Optional empty sack disposal
  • Various surfaces and materials