LEWA EcoPrime is a chromatography system with a mechatronic drive unit and hygienic diaphragm metering pumps. The EcoPrime system can be used either as a buffer dilution system or as a standalone chromatography system.

Flow rates from 0.03l/h to 60l/h are possible. It features a wide dynamic range of 1:150 and a low holdup volume. It can be customized to meet all requirements of the actual application. Benefits include:

  • LEWA’s intellidrive technology implemented in the EcoPrime, allows the system to deliver highest accuracy and reproducibility
  • Achieves a high precision of CV +/- 0.5% and a quick flow stabilization, which allows fast column equilibration
  • Pump head is completely isolated from the gearbox to ensure against contamination of the system
  • State-of-art mechatronic drive system
  • Turndown ratio of 1:150 provides the widest dynamic range of flow rates
  • Design of the entire system complies with all pharmaceutical requirements
  • Flow rates with low pulsation provide longer service life for column media
  • The system, as well as process and automation are developed in-house
  • Very reliable
  • Cost-effective

You can order a custom bubble trap or a special static mixer on request.