Our range of single-use cold chain EL-CC-2 data loggers are ultra-low-cost and are the most discrete data loggers that we offer.

Available in packs of 10, they store and measure over 32,000 temperature and humidity readings and are aimed squarely at the pharmaceutical cold chain industry.

These loggers come with pre-configured high and low alarms and are available in the following versions:

• EL-CC-2-004 PK10 – Ambient Pharma (High 25°C, Low 8°C)
• EL-CC-2-005 PK10 – Blood (High 10°C, Low 1°C)
• EL-CC-2-006 PK10 – Platelets (High 24°C, Low 20°C)

To start logging with any of these devices, simply press the button and away you go. You can check the status of the device during logging by pressing the button again, and an illuminated LED will show whether or not the alarm condition has been exceeded.

Once you have finished logging, tear open the waterproof plastic wallet to reveal the USB connector and plug it into your PC. Use the free EasyLog CC software for Windows to download and graph the data.

Key features:

• Compact and discrete, perfect for use in transit
• Ultra-low-cost and easy to use
• Large enough memory for over 200 days of logging