OnAsset solutions enable visibility throughout storage facilities. Using Sentinel tags, rooms and assets can be constantly monitored, and the data used for tracking, predicting and alerting excursions. From one cold room to an entire storage complex, there are no limits to the areas that can be covered.

The SENTRY cellular gateway:

  • Cellular gateway for all Sentinel tags with to the OnAsset OAInsight Cloud platform
  • High-density read capability supporting thousands of Sentinels
  • Enhanced dynamic scan option to monitor movement through zones
  • Enables real-time alerts for Sentinel sensor-based excursions
  • Supports up to 400m range
  • Requires USB power supply with several quick and easy mounting options

The Sentinel tags:

  • Up to 5-year battery life
  • Temperature, humidity, light and shock sensors
  • Sentinel Anchor for micro-location and proof of custody records
  • NIST Certification of calibration option
  • Logger options with 16,000 records
  • Range up to 400m

OAInsight platform

  • Microsoft Azure Cloud platform
  • Compliant with GxP, 21 CFR Part 11, and other FDA requirements.
  • Dashboard management of all facilities and assets
  • Enterprise-grade API

OAInsight APP

  • Turns any mobile device into a Sentinel Gateway
  • Secure access
  • Edge transactions with Sentinels in proximity
  • Access to Sentinel profile and report history

OnAsset’s monitoring solution enables you proactively manage facilities and assets in the facilities. Minimal installation required and can be established and running within hours.