Targeted development processes and a variety of products set high standards in the reliability, control, and security of the processes. Additionally, conditions like size of working space and a certain flexibility between several process flows can be very challenging.

The DIOSNA fluid bed processor CAP 10 – 80 RC is especially designed for the production of clinical batches and is characterized by a rapid change (RC) of the material bowl as the bowls are located on a carriage. Comparable parameters of our DIOSNA pilot and production systems, offer a safe and easy scale-up.

The DIOSNA CAP 10-80 RC covers drying, granulation, pellet and powder coating via top, tangential or bottom spray. Batch sizes:  1 – 10 kg by utilizing exchangeable containers from 25 – 80 l. Furthermore, the low height of the system allows it to be used in rooms with limited ceilings. Swivelling expansion zone enables easy access to filters and ergonomic maintenance works. The automation of all sequences simplifies the individual working processes.

The DIOSNA CAP 10-80 RC can be used as a single machine, or can be combined with, or be integrated in a granulation system, e.g. our DIOSNA Closed Combined Granulation System CCS 10-80 RC providing also a mixer-granulator, mill, etc.

Additional material bowls, a GMP-compliant charging and discharging unit as well as customized containment solutions are available.