HiCel™ MCG is a co-processed spray-dried blend of microcrystalline cellulose (MCC) and carboxymethyl cellulose sodium (Na-CMC).

When dispersed in water under high shear mixing, NaCMC acts as a protective colloid by forming a viscous and thixotropic gel. The wide range of viscosities, gel strengths and dispersion characteristics of HiCel MCG make it suitable for suspension stability.

Advantages of HiCel MCG include:

  • Odourless and tasteless
  • Smooth texture for improved rheological properties
  • Superior flow, no handling problems
  • Stable over a wide range of pHs and temperatures for a long shelf life
  • Compatible with various ingredients with no problem in formulation
  • Maintains the viscosity and thixotropy of suspension with no phase separation
  • Negligible calorific value

HiCel™ CE15 is a co-processed product of microcrystalline cellulose and guar gum. This free flowing co-processed blend results in dramatic differences for end users, primarily in the areas of overall sensory experience and perceived taste when compared to other existing products.

Advantages of the HiCel CE15 include:

  • Less grittiness
  • Minimal chalkiness
  • Lower friability
  • Reduced tooth packing
  • Improve creamier texture
  • Improved overall palatability