We can provide customised and enhanced supply chain monitoring solutions to support your specific needs.

OnAsset Intelligence is the OEM of all the solution components that we offer and we design and produce the hardware, write the software and provide support. As well as the solutions included here, we can offer fully customised solutions to fit your needs. Please fill out an enquiry form.

RFID Portals

RFID scanning systems and portals based on flexible designs to allow for rapid configuration adjustments to meet varying customer requirements. These ready to install portals built to accommodate both storefront applications as well as industrial environments. Our RFID solutions are flexible and cost-effective.

Crime Prevention Kit (CPK)

The CPK is a pre-packaged kit that includes devices, accessories and service with a handy carrying case. It can be used to provide quick-dispatch tracking and monitoring on the fly and is a good choice for law enforcement or customers needing access to a small number of devices for quick deployment.


SmartContainers are boutique hybrid cases that combine a variety of radio and sensor technologies in a self-contained and reusable package. We’ve created SmartContainers that include cellular, RFID, sensors, cameras and electronic locks for evidence integrity and chain-of-custody management systems.  SmartContainers range from briefcase-size to a full TEU container.


Our newest product, the Sentinel, is the easiest yet to customise. We’ve partnered with our customer Unilode to create unique form factors for aviation pallets and we’re working with a variety of partners to explore the integration of Sentinel Tags into reusable cold chain packaging, containers and shipping fixtures.