Material flow properties, particularly bulk strength, density and friction angle, must be quantified to eliminate ratholing and arching in processes.

Material Flow Solutions are solids flow specialists that provide cost-effective engineered solutions based on measured key flow properties and scientific principles.

The company offers material flow property testing and design experience to solve issues facing producers of fine powders and granules in the pharmaceutical industry.

A range of particles can be characterised by Material Flow Solutions.

The company’s extensive list of in-house testing capabilities for powders and granular materials includes:

  • Unconfined yield strength flow function
  • Friction angle measurement
  • Internal angle of friction and adhesion properties
  • Bulk density and permeability measurement
  • Wear testing
  • Moisture sorption analysis
  • Thermal conductivity and heat capacity
  • Segregation and blending analyses
  • Attrition and size degradation
  • Circularity and granularity analysis