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ISOPOD Catalogue

ISOPOD is a revolutionary new concept in modular cleanroom design and build. ISOPODs are high-performance controlled environments, which can be self-assembled and are fully customisable to best utilise the host room they are installed within.

Combining high-quality construction materials with state-of-the-art cleanroom technology, ISOPODs are the perfect solution to upgrading Production environments, R&D applications, Education or Healthcare facilities in a sustainable, practical and cost-effective way.

ISOPODs can be reconfigured, relocated, extended and upgraded – growing alongside your business, evolving with your needs. Shipped worldwide ready for quick and simple self-assembly, supported by full installation instructions and demonstration movies.

Alternatively, these can be delivered and installed quickly by Guardtech’s experienced ISOPOD engineers.

  • Ships worldwide for self-assembly
  • Can be reconfigured, relocated and extended
  • Available as hardwall, softwall or hybrid cleanroom
  • Changing room/materials interlock modules
  • Can be static or mobile on casters
  • Can be upgraded or modified as your business grows
  • Energy-efficient – only control the area that requires it
  • Can be branded in corporate colours, logo, graphics
  • Removable panels for equipment transfer
  • Glazing can be added to any hardwall configuration

Module configuration

Available as hardwall, softwall or hybrid configurations, as individual PODs or multi-room PODs, these innovative products can include change rooms and material airlocks. Guardtech holds stock of all common components, so customising your environment doesn’t mean vastly increasing your lead time.

  • Internal room heights of 2.1, 2.4, 2.7 and 3.0m
  • Internal support posts only required for spans over 3m
  • Standard door widths of 900mm
  • Tall glazed panels


Hardwall ISOPODs utilise an aluminium framework with stainless steel connectors accommodating powder-coated mild steel-faced modular panels insulated with a honeycomb composite material internally.

Technical components

  • Modular interlocking honeycomb composite powder-coated steel panels
  • Fan filter units: H14 HEPA and G4 pre-filters
  • 4000Lm low energy LED light panels
  • Variable fan speed controller
  • 13amp powers and CAT 5e data sockets

Popular upgrades

  • Flush stainless steel 13amp double sockets and CAT5E network points
  • Pressure, temperature and humidity sensors and monitoring software
  • Rapid roll doors or GRP doors
  • Hybrid: softwall section for equipment transition into the cleanroom
  • Flush double-glazed windows
  • Electronic door interlocks


Softwall ISOPODs utilise an aluminium framework (can be upgraded to 304 stainless steel) with stainless steel connectors accommodating anti-static PVC strip curtain attached to the framework on stainless hangers. The ceiling is a heavy-duty cleanroom grade ceiling grid with powder-coated steel tiles suspended from the ISOPOD framework.

LED lights and fan filter units sit within the ceiling grid and are suspended from the framework, operated by a control panel with switches and fan-speed controllers. Changing rooms, interlocks and dividing walls can be added to create multi-room softwall ISOPODS.

Technical components

  • Fan filter units: H14 Hepa and G4 pre-filters
  • 4000Lm low energy LED light panels
  • Variable fan speed controller
  • Anti-static PVC strip curtain
  • Heavy-duty casters or floor fixing kit

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