Analysis of intermediates or final products can involve melting point determination to check the purity of the pharmaceutical compounds.

Melting Point M-565

Our compliant melting point instrument offers an automatic determination of melting and boiling points for professional quality control. The device comes with a colour display that makes the observation of phase transition possible, as well as a video camera and video replay option that enables reviewing of melting and boiling point determination.

Select benefits of Melting Point M-565:

• Fail-safe calibration thanks to automated determination and storage of calibration data
• Automatic determination of both melting and boiling points, slip melting point
• Extremely accurate temperature regulation and measurement
• Homogeneous packing of the capillary that guarantees optimal reproducibility
• Control of almost any sample type
• Possibility to double-check challenging samples by comparing manual and automated measurements
• Advanced software for easy management of methods and results
• Full compliance with Pharmacopoeia methods (European, USP and Japanese)
• Comprehensive IQ / OQ processes including certified calibrations and verification compounds for GLP / GMP labs