The MINI-Polygran is a development pilot plant for clinical and small-scale production of 10g pertrial, up to 40kg/h. It has a wide range of technological benefits, including a new feeding system, guaranteeing a constant powder feed per batch, and virtually no excess heat with the GERTEIS patented roller design.

Other key technological benefits include:

  • Highly convenient placement within your facility
  • Constant product quality and properties
  • Reduced parts for rapid cleaning procedures
  • Validated force and gap measurement
  • Longer dwell times due to the large roll diameter
  • Easy scale-up to production batches
  • Ideal for pharmaceutical, food, and chemical laboratories
  • For development, pilot plant, clinical, and small-scale production

Additional options include:

  • Advanced OEL design <5µg/m3
  • Wash-in-place cleaning
  • Different roller surfaces, optimised for your product
  • Integrated two-step granulation system

Further reasons to choose Gerteis as your dry granulation expert:

  • Technical centres for conducting test trials
  • Application know-how for pharma, food, and fine chemicals
  • Realising user-specific machine configurations
  • Close academic cooperation with various universities
  • Conducting pharmaceutical roller compaction seminars
  • Excellent worldwide technical and scientific support
  • Validation documentation and support (CFR 21, part 11)
  • Alternative configurations / overall design solutions
  • POLYGRAN applications for the pharmaceutical, food, and chemical industry
  • Constantly setting industry standards with the latest in dry granulation technology