The system is basically comprises an *SS 304 basic structure:

  • A self-contained modular chamber with toughened glass doors is designed to deliver mist
  • The mist, shower works through a central mist generation and distribution arrangement located above the internal chamber or located is close proximity over the false ceiling
  • The mist nozzles are located on the side walls and at the bottom of the shower which ensures that the operator is fully covered
  • The system is supplied with mist nozzles of suitable size are placed such that mist spray will be possible on and all around the suit of the operator
  • The system will operate once the door interlocks are in place and the operator has pushed a button to start the shower. During the operation the operator is expected to gently rotate in the central space with his/her elbows raised and away from his body. The shower is also provided with breathing port
  • The unit has a built-in perforated platform over a tapered trough, which will collect water effluent and will be connected to your drain outlet