Mobile Applications

The OnAsset team is experienced in building iOS and Android apps to deliver the exact user interface needed for your organisation.

We can turn any mobile device into a connected hub and seamless extension of our products, saving you time, effort and expense.

We offer easy setup wizards for creating locations and monitoring assets. We can make embedded use of native device features like using a phone’s camera to scan the QR code included on every OnAsset device to set up and configure equipment automatically.

You can add zones to a location to understand asset presence, status and dwell times.  Each SENTRY device automatically creates a configurable zone of coverage. Once added to the system, the equipment auto-configures itself and requires no further set up.

Once your location and zones are set up, a Sentinel can be attached to the asset and location, sensor data and dwell time information can be accessed with the click of a button.  You can also associate pictures and info with the asset for additional layers of visibility.​

OnAsset’s mobile applications provide immediate access to all asset location, status and history. This allows you to search assets by ID, location, proximity, time and sensor data.

If we don’t already have the application that you need, we can provide a custom solution. Please fill out the enquiry form for more information.

Enterprise API

We created our Enterprise API to deliver your data to you in a secure manner leveraging industry-standard methods and formats to make it easy.​ We understand that you have existing IT systems and that a good tracking and monitoring solution must function alongside your current day-to-day operations.

Whether you are feeding an in-house IT system, TMS, WMS, or any variety of app, the Enterprise API can deliver you the data.  Based on RESTful web services, our fully documented API is field-proven and ready for global deployments. ​

​Regardless of what OnAsset products you are using, the Enterprise API can accommodate your needs with no extra cost or hassle.