There are several contract development and manufacturing organizations in the pharmaceutical and medtech area, but what are the key essentials for the development and production of devices? First of all, it is a team of experts who work closely with them, listen to their requirements, and get their CDMO project realized efficiently with reliable and open communication or achieve smart optimizations of CMO projects for improved manufacturability and higher quality. In today’s times, you need an agile and collaborative mid-sized organization which has the strength, quality and experience of a major player.

Breaking that down to concrete services. A project always starts with the concept phase. Sanner’s credo is: Listening to understand your requirements and getting from customer requirement specification to a user-comfort, cost-efficient and manufacturable user requirement specification already involving DfMA aspects.

The Sanner Idea-Design-Product Process® is a standardized stage gate process which can be flexible adapted to your project status starting with the in-house design development. To achieve the optimum for your device, Sanner project teams always work closely with a large network of experts also for medical design.

When finalizing the design phase and getting to prototyping and industrialization it is important that you have a partner who also breaks new ground. Therefore, we established three options for rapid prototyping to turn product ideas into real samples with the advantage:

  • to pick the right prototype method for intended learning and future risk reduction
  • to keep all prototypes with same source to carry over learnings in preparation for industrialization
  • to optimize component design early on, ready for later scalability

The basic method for prototyping is 3D printing; this is a cost-effective and fast method to get a sample. Even better is the Sanner advanced prototyping, working with additive manufactured tool inserts. Here you get functional samples made of the final material with which you are able to do further studies or patient tests. Finally, the advanced method consists of a Babyplast injection moulding machine in combination with the Sanner flexible change mould system and allows sample manufacturing also under cleanroom conditions.

When the project is ready for industrialization an ultimate benefit is to have in-house tooling know-how for the best component designs for scalability and a strong network and long-term cooperation with leading tool manufacturers. For the optimized assembly regardless of whether we talk about manual, semi- or fully automated assembly, the use of virtual reality allows early learning and getting to an efficient and cost-optimized assembly concept in short times.

And when your device is out in the market, an excellent life-cycle management makes the difference to get further technical improvements, reductions of cost per piece and an efficient maintenance concept.

It is a difference with whom you realize your drug delivery device or diagnostic solution. We fill the market gap and offer you next-to-standard development and manufacturing processes some new and innovative ways to get your device realized in a trustful and reliable way.

For more information on Sanner’s CDMO services, please download the free brochure from the form on this page.