Nymi band is a workplace wearable that enables employees and processes to stay safe and secure; the product is handsfree and straightforward to operate.

The product comes complete with logon, eSign, system access, physical access, social distancing, contact tracing.

Nymi Lynk Mobile Application

Nymi Lynk mobile application provides the user with full control over their identity and privacy, enforces transparency in enterprise privacy policies and allows rich interaction with visualisations and apps.

Nymi Enterprise Server

Nymi Enterprise Service is a highly secure server that integrates the Nymi Solution with most Enterprise IT, ERP, SSO, & MES Systems

Identity Ecosystems

Nymi’s solution provides seamless integration into an enterprise like Windows AD.

Product features

  • Biometrics that never leave the Nymi Band
  • GDPR Right to be Forgotten
  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)
  • Liveness Detection
  • Cryptographic Processor
  • Credentials for FIDO2, PIV, SDK, SSO, HID Seos
  • Collusion Prevention
  • Health & Safety and DX information
  • IP66- and IP67-rated (durable, lab cleanable)
  • 3+ Day Battery
  • Secure NFC and Secure BLE