PakScan is a non-destructive multi-product leak detection device for pouches, sachets, small medical devices and other flexible packs.

It identifies leaks as small as 10µm in sachets, pouches, bags and modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) containing pharmaceutical and medical devices.

It pinpoints micro holes and weak seals in:

  • Non-porous single cavity packs such as sachets, pouches, bags and MAPs in flexible materials such as polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polyvinylidene chloride (PVDC), Alu/Alu and Aclar
  • Packs that contain dry powder or a solid component with a head space inside the packs
  • Simultaneously tests up to four packs measuring up to 275mm x 90mm x 50mm each. PakScan can also be customised for larger packs

Features and benefits include:

  • Non-destructive test reduces waste costs
  • Test multiple packs simultaneously
  • Identifies leaks from 10μm
  • An easily validated system