The Polygran is a fully instrumented development pilot plant for clinical and full-scale production from 500g to 300kg/h. It has a wide range of technological benefits, including validated gap and force measurement.

Other technological benefits include:

  • Easy scale-up to production
  • Perfect gap seal system
  • Process data acquisition
  • Variable gap design
  • Easy assembly due to reduced interchangeable parts
  • Advanced feeding hopper design for all process requirements
  • Adjustable screen clearance to optimise particle size distribution

Additional options:

  • Different roller surfaces
  • Variable screen mesh sizes
  • Operator interface with touch screen panel
  • Recipe management
  • Process data archiving
  • CFR 21 Part 11 compliancy
  • OPC-Connection
  • Integrated 2-step granulation system

Further reasons to choose Gerteis as your dry granulation expert:

  • Realising user-specific machine configurations
  • Worldwide excellent technical and scientific support
  • Close academic cooperation with vatious universities
  • Cinducting pharmaceutical roller compaction seminars
  • Validation documentation and support
  • POLYGRAN applications for pharma, food, and chemical industries
  • Setting the industry standard with the latest in dry granulation technology
  • Excellent value for money