The PrepEngine was developed through collaborations with leaders in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry to simplify and speed up the content uniformity sample preparation process.

The result was a compact benchtop design that incorporates ten individually powered, high-output stirring stations that can prepare content uniformity samples up to 90% faster than conventional methods.

  • Ultra-fast sample preparation – Ultra-fast preparation of biotech and pharmaceutical samples, including assay, impurity and content uniformity applications. Up to 90% faster than conventional methods.
  • Then individual stirring stations – Individually activated, high-power stirring stations maximise productivity and significantly increases sample
    prep throughput.
  • Available preptubes include sizes 50ml, 250ml and 500ml; clear or amber colours; stainless steel or polypropylene blades; and non-sterilised or sterilised
  • Reliable and consistent results from test to test. The sample results are fast, reliable and consistent
  • Pre-tube designed for single-use – The recommended usage for a single PrepTube is a maximum of five by ten minute tests or equivalent. All tests are application specific
  • Adjustable speed and time – The speed is adjustable from 500-6,000rpm and the
    time from five seconds to four hours

Sterilised PrepTubes are now available for a truly single-use experience. They guarantee cleanliness and eliminate the possibility of carry-over and cross contamination.