Sepha provides a comprehensive range of automatic, semi-automatic and manual deblistering machines that enable the safe recovery of valuable product from all types of rejected blister pack.

PressOut Semi-Automatic is a tool-less, portable, semi-automatic deblistering machine for recovering tablets and capsules from push-through blister packs.

The PressOut Semi-Automatic is a small machine, that feeds individual blister packs through a set of rollers, driven by an electrical motor. Tablets and capsules are pushed out of the blister pack by the rollers and separated from the packaging.

The machine offers a deblistering rate of up to 30 packs per minute and has a single set of adjustable tooling enabling a fast set up within one to two minutes.

Machine operation

Driven by an electrical motor, blister packs are fed through a set of rollers. The tablets or capsules are gently eased out of the blister and collected separately from the waste packaging. The speed of the machine allows a deblistering rate of up to 30 packs per minute.