Shanghai JF BioTech Co, Ltd was founded in December 2013 and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of GL Biochem (Shanghai) Ltd. Since the establishment, JF BioTech provides CRO and CDMO services to global chemical or biological pharmaceutical companies and scientific research units in accordance with international standards.

The R&D centre is located in the Second Industrial Zone of Jinshan; it covers an area of 2400m2 and has a complete range of analytical instruments and equipment including HPLC, NMR, LC-MS, GC-MS and GC. The main services contain a custom synthesis of biologically active compounds and compounds Library; selection, process development, optimisation and amplification of raw materials and important intermediates for innovative and generic drugs, research on quality control strategy and security; custom synthesis services of raw materials and important intermediates for innovative and generic drugs including large-scale production services ranging from small-scale production services in preclinical research to commercial phase.

To meet the different needs of customers for chemical synthesis at all stages and provide more comprehensive and long-term stable quality services, JF BioTech has pilot test and production bases in Jiangsu Binhai and Jinshan ACI BioTech with reactors of different sizes from 5L to 5000L. JF BioTech can produce kilogram to tonnage GMP and non-GMP pharmaceutical intermediates, and the rapid production capacity of drug molecules and pharmaceutical intermediates has been further strengthened.