TSS' solution for real-time monitoring allows companies to track and monitor their products in real-time during transport, enabling immediate corrective action if an excursion occurs.

In the TSS Real-Time application, you can follow your most valuable shipments live, all the way to the last mile.

From reactive to proactive drug delivery

The TSS Real-Time application enables you to act proactively and intervene if an excursion is likely to occur.

If an excursion can’t be avoided, drugs can be replaced in-transit rather than on delivery to ensure quicker drug delivery to patients.

Real-time data monitoring with multi-sensors

TSS’ real-time GPS loggers allow you to monitor key stability data in real-time such as light, humidity and vibration.

Actual shipment routes can be compared to logistics providers’ designated routes.

Monitoring equipment

With a complete range of monitoring equipment, TSS can help you reliably monitor your products around the world, or just down the street. This includes everything from the world’s most reliable data logger to a secure data gateway to the Cloud.

The company can also help you integrate your choice of monitor to work with our system.