The Rosemount 68Q Sanitary Temperature Sensor is an industry-standard, resistance temperature detector (RTD) that is engineered to provide flexible and reliable temperature measurements in hygienic process environments for the food and beverage, pharmaceutical and life-science industries.

This RTD is designed with a Tri Clamp® sanitary endcap configuration for easy installation and its aseptic process connection is suitable for clean-in-place (CIP), dead-pocket free, measurement applications.

Key features of the sensor include:

  • Designed for hygienic process environments to meet food, beverage, pharmaceutical and life-science industry demands
  • Tri-clamp endcap provides immersion lengths from 1.0in to 9.5in (25.4mm to 241.3mm) for easy installation
  • Withstands from -58°F to 392°F (–50°C to 200°C) temperature range for application durability
  • Aseptic process connections are suitable for CIP, dead-pocket free measurement applications
  • Surface finishes on sensors and SST connection heads meet 3-A® standards to ensure reliable performance
  • Variety of enclosure and connection head options offer application flexibility
  • Sensor capsule is welded into the 316 SST sanitary endcap/stem assembly for performance stability
  • Calibration schedules with Callendar-Van Dusen constants improve overall sensor performance and accuracy
  • Provides option for electropolishing wetted parts to meet specific surface finish requirements