Leading corporate security departments are using a proactive, risk-based ESRM approach to better align security activity and budgets to the objectives of the business. Resolver’s Security Risk Management software supports your ESRM program and helps you perform physical site assessments, so you can quickly identify gaps in your organization’s defenses and better prioritize spend on brand-protecting countermeasures.

Resolver will allow you to track the actual and perceived value of assets, identify critical assets, and easily produce a risk register with related incident metrics for live KPIs and early indicators of emerging or growing risks in your security operations.

Easily monitor corrective actions with a consolidated view of identified issues filed during assessments, audits, and investigations. Ensure corrective actions are addressed by the appropriate stakeholders in a timely manner to remain compliant with federal regulations.

By connecting your incident data to risks, your team can uncover leading indicators of incidents that typically have a small impact but create vulnerabilities that would have a much larger impact on your supply chain operations. Optimize your limited resources by controlling the incidents that would cause the greatest risk and impact on your organization’s brand, people, and bottom line.