Resolver supplies brand protection, counterfeit prevention and incident response software to improve security operations in the pharmaceutical industry.

The company helps security teams in the medical sector understand what’s happening across the global supply chain by combining incident capture/reporting, investigations management, Enterprise Security Risk Management (ESRM), and physical site assessments in a single application.

Alarm management and officer dispatching can also be connected to the application for quicker response and recovery.

With accurate and centralised data, organisations can avoid risk of brand-damaging incidents.

Get an overview of all incident data related to your organisation, including loss value and involved products.
Gain an insight into the connections between incidents, locations and involved people for proactive incident prevention.
Incidents are thoroughly investigated by location to uncover trends in data.
The platform allows you to easily understand where your officers are located when an alarm is activated so you can efficiently dispatch personnel for quick response and recovery.

Brand protection and counterfeit prevention software

Resolver helps companies achieve a fully documented record of incident events to increase brand protection.

Employees can easily collect data such as what products, people and locations were involved. This helps form an accurate report of the potential risks.

Resolver’s dynamic forms and automated triage process ensures the right information is captured based on incident type such as theft, trespassing, counterfeit drugs and compliance violations. Incident data can then be escalated for investigation through automated workflows and notifications.

Supply chain visibility for international drug manufacturing

Resolver provides supply chain management solutions for international operations. The company locates information about specific locations and visualises relationships between incident types, specific products and involved people to help customers identify areas of high risk.

This insight into supply chain operations allows clients to invest in the appropriate security controls and resources to prevent incidents from happening.

Response solutions for pharmaceutical companies

Resolver prevents incidents from being escalating to investigations by raising risks to clients in a timely manner. The software’s alarm management, computer-aided dispatch and incident reporting functionality allows facility owners to respond to issues in a timely manner.

Clients can easily see who is available to respond to alarms and incidents using real-time maps, which is suitable for when US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulated areas are at risk.

The officer mobile application provides clients with quick communication with their guards and allows them to easily report incidents and obtain investigation details from the field.

Risk management software for security professionals

Resolver helps the world’s leading organisations reduce the frequency and severity of negative events. Security professionals use the software to provide actionable insights and control operational costs.

More than 1,000 organisations worldwide depend on Resolver’s security, risk and compliance software.  Around one million people use the tools each day.

Resolver serves customers across a number of industries, including pharmaceuticals, healthcare, hospitals, academic institutions, airports, utilities, manufacturers, hospitality and retail.