While most companies focus on tracking a vehicle, trailer or container — the proxy for what you really care about — OnAsset’s family of technologies work together to monitor individual items within a shipment.

Sentinel tags transmit piece-level data to the SENTRY FlightSafe®, or other Bluetooth-enabled mobile devices, which communicates to the OnAsset INSIGHT™ platform over cell networks, including 5G. Those piece-level details show up on the customers’ OnAsset INSIGHT control tower dashboard. Sentinels continuously monitor and report temperature, humidity, light, shock, chain of custody, and more so that customers have a clear view of their cargo and conditions.

Sentinels can be deployed in a variety of ways to provide enhanced visibility of not only the goods and their movement but warehouse facilities as well. Sentinel devices have a one-to-five-year battery life and function in a variety of ways.

  • Connected Supply Chain – Linking of warehouse, asset, shipment, and chain-of-custody data to create a “glass pipeline,” allowing a clear view of the supply chain.
  • Shipping – See real-time location, condition, and chain of custody across all modes.
  • Infrastructure – Monitor environmental conditions in
    facilities, as well as equipment, assets, and personnel.
  • Warehouses/Cross dock – Know the exact micro-location, condition, arrival/departure, and total dwell time for every tagged shipment.
  • Airports – Leverage our unique position in the aviation sector to automate airport and plane-side operation visibility and cargo management.