The SENTRY 500 FlightSafe® can be used for tracking any type of shipment via any method of transportation.

Our latest generation of the SENTRY® product incorporates our patented FlightSafe® feature. SENTRY 500® devices have been used in over 140 countries and are rugged, global, compliant and field-proven.  ​

FlightSafe ensures compliance with demanding aviation regulations to allow for real-time monitoring across your entire supply chain.  The majority of our customers track their shipments from point of origin to the final destination, often involving more than one mode of transportation.

​Each SENTRY “parent” device becomes a gateway for any Sentinel “children” in its vicinity.  Automatically rolling up the data from a multitude of Sentinel, it captures and transmits data from itself and all surrounding Sentinels to enable a huge variety of applications.

Sentinel tags are automatically read by any SENTRY 500 in their vicinity.  They automatically become sensor “children” to any SENTRY 500 “parent” within their transmission radius.  The SENTRY 500 then sends the data of all nearby Sentinels to our server so it can be accessed via our Enterprise API, apps and any variety of customer applications.​

​Each SENTRY 500 includes a full suite of sensors and unique features:​

  • Patented FlightSafe® Technology ​
  • Integrated Sentinel Tag Compatibility​
  • Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)​
  • Location (GPS / AGPS / Cellular LBS)​
  • Rechargeable Long-Life battery​
  • Modular Accessories​

Our range of modular accessories includes the SENTRY Mass Charger, SENTRY USB Charger and SENTRY Extended Battery. As an additional service, we can supply temperature accuracy certificates for each SENTRY 500 device.