SmartSense Dashboard - Pharmaceutical Technology
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SmartSense Dashboard

The SmartSense Dashboard enables you to efficiently monitor real-time sensor information from anywhere. It automates manual processes and helps you take corrective action when it is needed – for regulatory compliance and quality control.

The SmartSense Dashboard emphasizes collaborative incident management so you can manage a multi-site network and orchestrate workflows across departments, via the web and mobile app.


  • Get alerts by email, text, and phone when conditions breach your desired thresholds. Provide targeted notifications to others in your organization in real-time.
  • Log in from any computer or device for immediate insight into current conditions and historical trends.
  • Use advanced tools to configure multiple thresholds, multiple recipients, and escalating alerts.
  • Manage multiple devices all in one location. Use powerful administration tools to seamlessly manage your entire monitoring system.
  • Integrated compliance and quality control features include incident reports, corrective action logs, calibrated sensors, and calibration compliance management.
  • Sensor readings are automated for operational efficiency and elimination of human error. A complete log history is available for up to 6 years, providing improved insight and analysis.

Actionable Insights

The SmartSense Dashboard allows you to set monitoring thresholds that generate actionable alerts sent via email, SMS, and phone. You can fully customize the monitoring thresholds, recipients, and escalation procedures. Integrated reporting provides on-demand reports as well as scheduled reports that deliver compliance logs, equipment insights, and site comparisons by email, at preset intervals.

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