The SoftBreezer® is the world’s only preservative-free pump-based liquid nebulizer with ultra-fine and dosed spray for gentle application of substance-based medical devices in the throat and bronchial area.

It enables unique inhalation technology for liquid medications, is preservative-free & propellant-free and has a pocket size which makes it easy to use. There are no batteries needed for the use and it offers an extremely fine nebulization. Exact dosages of 25 mg are possible with each actuation and the activation time is only 1–3 seconds. The device is compatible with 5ml and 10ml HDPE and Glass bottles and the number of doses is 200 (5ml) or 400 (10ml).

We offer three different finished product options of the SoftBreezer®, which is “SoftBreezer® with 0,9% NaCl”, “SoftBreezer® with 3% NaCl” and “SoftBreezer® with % NaCl”.

The isotonic solution is intended to moisturize the upper and lower respiratory airways as a supplementary treatment of colds (e. g. cough or head colds), inflammation or chronic diseases (e. g. hay fever, asthma, COPD, etc.) or dry mucous membranes due to reduced humidity e. g. as a result of spending long periods in air-conditioned or heated rooms. It restores moisture to the mucous membranes of the respiratory system, preventing discomfort and supports the natural cleaning process of the respiratory tract. SoftBreezer with 0,9% NaCl provides a noticeably positive contribution in cases of inflammation as well as in cases of increased exposure to dust and air pollution (e. g. caused by dust or tobacco smoke).

SoftBreezer® with 3% NaCl is a hypertonic solution that dissolves viscous mucus in the lower respiratory tract and thus facilitates the clearing of the respiratory tract –gentle and effective. It can be used as a supportive treatment of cystic fibrosis, obstructive bronchitis, acute viral bronchiolitis, COPD, bronchiectasis, etc.

SoftBreezer® with 6% NaCl is a hypertonic solution with a high salt concentrations with powerful and lasting effects. It is indicated in the same area as the 3% solution, but also facilitates coughing up while suffering from a cold.