The SureTemp® Elite-Performance Embossed Metallised Pallet Cover offers high protection for products exposed to extreme temperatures during the shipping cycle. The pallet cover’s outer layer is made of reflective metallised film to protect against solar radiation. The embossed metallised film is fused with an advanced non-woven polyethylene terephthalate (PET) core insulation, which is sealed in by a layer of white PET.

The pallet cover uses hollow-fibre insulation, SureTemp’s highest level of insulating material, placed between aluminium-coated non-woven polyester and white polyethylene layers. Non-woven polyester’s high tensile strength and tear-resistance give the product additional protection, durability and reusability.

Why choose Pallet Covers?

If you are shipping less than truckloads, you will want to use individual pallet covers to protect your load. Pallet covers are also used in mixed loads when some products need to stay frozen and others don’t. You can use a pallet cover in this instance as well to prevent loads from freezing. Pallet covers are also the best for protection since they are covering the entire pallet.